What is "Stop That Stutter"

The "Stop That Stutter" program will restore fluid speech to those who stutter in 5 one and 1/2 hour sessions. With a series of original exercises developed by Natalie H. Rogers, in a matter of hours, students are amazed and gratified to find that natural fluid speech returns and all stuttering diminishes and then disappears. Given the proprietary nature of these techniques, the specifics of this original neuroscientific methodology is not available for public review on this website. Step by step, concentration exercises that train the brain to develop the skills needed for slowing speech down, repetition drills for speaking fluently and homework assignments result in permanent fluid speech. The Stop That Stutter program is in dramatic contrast to the standard procedures for working with stutterers which involves treatment like advice to speak slowly, breath control, or treatment that involves the mouth, the tongue, the throat or the Stutter itself. Such techniques are simply barking up the wrong tree. The solution to stammering is simpler and involves neuroscientific techniques that influence the brain and develop new neural patterns for speech fluency. After all, the brain is where the core of the problem exists.