How Talkpower Came to be

Although  the serious nature of fear of speaking in public is largely ignored and the subject of jokes and ridicule, a reliable solution for this condition has previously   remained a mystery. Nevertheless, the problem has ruined careers and caused untold grief as year after year  millions of people refuse promotions, drop out of Graduate school or fail their oral examinations, refuse keynote address opportunities, are unable to make a toast, read in church, participate at meetings, accept awards, ask questions in groups, fail at job interviews, avoid important presentations by turning them over to staff, suffer sleepless nights weeks before a speech, refuse to pursue careers where public speaking is involved and suffer the shame and humiliation of low self esteem as a result of this “problem.”

Due to my unrelenting drive to discover a solution for this mysterious and devastating problem of Public Speaking Phobia, Fear and Anxiety,  for the past 20 years I, Natalie H.Rogers, MSW have been  conducting Public Speaking Workshops. Taking a most  unusual approach, I turned my attention to exploring the relationship between performance, the mind, and the body to develop a practical system for eliminating public speaking dysfunction. Relying upon my experience as an actress, psychotherapist, yoga practitioner and trainer I was able to use my workshops as a laboratory. As a result after  careful research and observation I have produced a completely new training technology, comparable to the way star athletes are trained for  competitive events. This includes a  series of simple repetitive muscle –memory techniques for developing inner control and  permanent pubic speaking skills,  plus a variety of original concentration and focusing exercises. These exercises actually train the brain (neural patterning) for the skill of performance(Performance:any situation where an audience is looking at you).

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