Why choose Talkpower over other public speaking programs

You may be great in a one-on-one conversation. But when it comes to making a toast, giving a presentation or talking at a meeting in front of people who are looking at you, if you have enormous anxiety, lose your concentration, can’t breathe right, plus lots of other embarrassing things that happen, you are the perfect candidate for a TalkPower Public Speaking Workshop.

Did you know that the ability to concentrate when you are the center of attention is a skill? You have probably never thought about this because you are only familiar with conversation. In conversations, words travel back and forth. Usually we do not feel we are being observed, judged, criticized or that we are observing, judging or criticizing the other person. This is the core of the problem for people who have anxiety about speaking in public. When you speak in public or participate at a meeting, there is a subtle but powerful shift from your normal perceptions. You suddenly feel totally out of control. Why? Because everyone is looking at you. You are no longer in a conversation, you are performing. This is the central and organizing principle for the training you will receive when you take a TalkPower Workshop. TalkPower training offers a series of original hands-on exercises that develops the neural patterning (brain-wiring) to give you the ability to focus and concentrate when you are speaking in front of an audience. By this I mean TalkPower exercises will train your brain to allow you to focus on what you have to say rather than thinking about what the people who are looking at you think about you. This ability (skill) can only be achieved through hands-on repetition exercises. TalkPower is the only systematic technology for training your brain (re-patterning) so that you have the ability to stand in front of an audience and remain focused on your presentation.

In contrast, all other public speaking classes use an advice and tips format with suggestions such as  ‘keep your hands still’, ‘don’t shuffle from one foot to another’, ‘project your voice’, ‘relax’, ‘make eye contact’, use more body language, speak more slowly or more quickly and encouraging you ‘that was great’.

The thing that makes public speaking different from all other skills is that you are in front of an audience. Therefore, I feel justified in saying that there is no way that you can become significantly more comfortable or skilled by having someone look at your performance and give you advice about what you should and shouldn’t do. The reason for this is that your anxious response and all of the symptoms that you experience about speaking in public are expressions of your autonomic nervous system, just like a knee-jerk. As a result of your automatic reaction, (anxiety, shaking, trembling, memory loss, rapid heartbeat etc.) none of these symptoms can respond or change or correct themselves with advice or tips. The only thing that will make a significant, if not amazing, change is in-depth mind-body training. The kind of training offered in a TalkPower Workshop where the results are consistent and permanent. Most horrendous of all, you can’t learn how to feel comfortable and speak persuasively by being videoed in front of a class where the humiliation and shame of seeing yourself drives people away from ever speaking in public. In other words, if you have a serious fear of speaking in public and you take any other program, you will have a nice experience rehearing, leaving your performance anxiety in tact. At best we can say that all other public speaking programs offer you an opportunity to rehearse whatever it is that you do and that’s it. I would go so far as to say that there is not one public speaking program with the 100% results of success that TalkPower participants routinely experience.

Some people feel that the price of a TalkPower Workshop is expensive even though TalkPower offers a very reasonable time payment-plan that would work with any budget. They reason that it makes sense to choose a less expensive program because after all, it’s just another public speaking workshop. Having worked with hundreds of participants who have attended other less expensive public speaking classes, before they came to TalkPower, only to be disappointed by promises unfulfilled, I’m convinced that other programs in the market are unable to deal effectively with the severity of this problem. The fact is that paying for a training that will give you permanent public speaking skills for excellent and elegant performance is an essential investment not only in your career but also in your self-esteem, your peace of mind and your ability to present yourself as a well-rounded professional. Actually as many of the TalkPower participants have said at the end of a 14-hour intensive TalkPower Workshop, ‘this training experience has been priceless’ (listen to audio testimonials). There is no dollar amount that you can put upon the value you will receive in a TalkPower Workshop. In addition, may I add that TalkPower is the only public speaking workshop offering a guarantee that if you are not satisfied with our training after the first 4 hours, you will receive a complete refund on the spot, no questions asked.

Finally, those choosing a TalkPower Workshop will find the comfort, freedom, and joy that speaking in public successfully can bring.

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