Why We Are Different From Our Comepetitiors?

Competitors who claim to help people overcome their fear of public speaking rely upon ineffective and simplistic methods like tips, advise, pep talks, video, theory, therapy, and rehearsals; focusing upon minor issues like body language, eye contact, knowing your audience, and positive thinking where significant behaviors like rapid speech, hyperventilation, confusion, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, negative thinking, and “ah and um” are not seriously dealt with or corrected.  Even visualization techniques, a mainstay of traditional public speaking programs, will not work for the anxious speaker when he is facing an audience.

In contrast, TalkPower is based upon the practical yet scientifically sound principals of MIND/BODY,  skills-learning,  neuroscience, acting techniques and original concentration exercises. Step-by-step, through a series of concentration exercises, participants in a TalkPower workshop develop permanent public speaking and organizing skills. These techniques of control give them the ability face and audience with confidence, comfortable in their own skin.

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Questions and Answers

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